About Us

About Us

Mega homes real estate limited was formed with a vision to establish a comprehensive real estate firm. The request for mega homes estate agents excellence in customer service began as a result of board of directors desire to radically change the way real estate conducted their business in Nairobi.

In the past clients interested in real estate often received inefficient and unreliable services, rarely did they receive published brochures or advertisement with detailed description, and the prices and the prices of real estate properties were never listed for customer to review. Mega homes real estate agents dedication to offer honest and knowledgeable services in the real estate business guided by the philosophy that the client best interest is the principal force behind mega homes real estate agents services. For example each week mega homes estate agents provides comprehensive brochures with detailed description and prices for both residential and commercial properties.

At the fore front of Mega homes real estate success is a team of professionals of professionals who understand the importance of prompt and efficient services. the client portfolio of mega homes real estate includes professionals and international firms, foreign embassies, non governmental and non profit organizations, small business owners, real estate investors and first time home buyers.



  • Property Administration and Management

Liaising with professional lawyers, Mega homes tenancy agreements and leases are prepared correctly in time to safe guard the interest of our clients in addition, we offer lease administration, prompt response rises to tenant problems, and immediate and maintenance of all properties. In addition, we review aspect of the planned maintenance program for the building as well as any recommendation we have for the property as a company committed to progressive management approaches Mega homes is interested in a broad range of business opportunities and believe there is a lot of untapped potential in developing the real estate market in east Africa without doubt Mega homes is confident that considerable development as property still remains the best medium to long term
investment in this part of the world.

  • Letting and Management

Mega homes real estate will ensure that the property receives as much exposure as possible by utilizing various marketing tools;

    1. Designing attractive color brochures for the property using state of the art digital camera and
      color laser technology.
    2. Onsite marketing via signboards, banners and the stationing of a caretaker.
    3. Hosting an open house scheme whereby the public is invited to view the building on a specific date.
    4. Media marketing through newspapers, magazines and other publications that target a specific market.
    5. Making available the property on the internet through our prominent website and using email to
      communicate with decision makers in key organizations.

In addition, mega homes real estate will endeavor to make the property available only to reputable tenants of sound financial standing, mega homes real estate will vet potential tenants through;

  1. Checks on experience, capital, bank and trade references of the tenant, especially for commercial properties.
  2. Investigation on the nature and viability of the business.
  • Development Consultancy

The entire process of property development can be somewhat daunting for someone who has never done before. at mega homes real estate, we take the pressure of you and use our years of expertise to take you through the entire development structure from beginning to end, converting bare land into an income earning asset.